One adventure in London

Peter and John are brothers. Anna is Peter’s daughter and Peter is a farmer.

One day, John and Anna went London. When they arrived, they were visiting Big Ben and after the London Eye. The weather was bad and it was raining a lot. The sky was grey.

They were playing and looking at Big Ben and the river when suddenly, something happened… The London Eye stopped.

And now? What could they do?

While the London Eye wasn’t working, everyone was playing games and all the children were crying.

Five hours later, a man appeared and after a lot of work and sweat, he managed to get them off the London Eye.

Anna was happy, but John wasn’t because he didn’t like the experience. They went home.

When they arrived, they told John their adventure. Peter was happy because their family was ok and because the fright went away.

(By Carolina, Francisca and Diogo )

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