Meet Carolina

Carolina is a very intelligent student, but she doesn’t like English.

She was born in Portugal on January 27th, so she’s 16 years old. She’s 1,64m tall and she’s got brown hair.

She has a sister called Francisca. Her mother’s name is Olga and her father’s name is António. She isn’t married and she hasn’t got a boyfriend.

In her free time Carolina likes going shopping and to the cinema with her dog Kuka.

When she goes to the shopping centre, Carolina eats Spaghetti Bolognese because this is her favourite food.

She loves Beyoncé and Francisca because they are her favourite singers. Carolina really likes wearing shirts and jeans! She goes to the cinema with friends a lot and her favourite film is “Contra luz”.

Carolina’s heroes are her mother and her father. Carolina doesn’t have many ambitions, but she has a special one, to have good marks.

By Diogo (Post-Elementary)


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