This picture…

This picture makes me remember the year of 2011, because it´s a puzzle, and our life is like a puzzle. it’s built with lots of pieces, and the last year wasn´t an exception. There were some good moments, and somo less good moments, and I think that this puzzle represents that. There is a lot of confusion and that reminds me  of the bad moments, but when we look at the sky with seagulls it makes us feel calm, and for me it represents the good  and “soft” moments.

There are some pieces of the puzzle missing, and everyone can interpret it as they want and think  it’s the best way, but for me it is the moments that we lost, because we were worried about other things that make us lose those moments. It can be that, or things that we could have done, but we didn’t.

Marta Rodrigues

For me this puzzle has everything to represent this year.

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