Nova revista – Winter 2011

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A edição de inverno da nossa revista já está disponível online. A distribuição da versão em papel já foi feita, mas se não receberam a vossa cópia, podem pedir na secretaria.

Esperamos que tenham gostado e o nosso muito obrigada a todos que contribuíram para esta edição!

Carlos Castro

Carlos Castro was a famous Portuguese journalist. He wrote some books and did a lot of interviews and chronicles about the modern life and that is why we admire him.

In his book, Carlos wrote that he wanted to die in New York and that was what happened.

He was in New York with Renato Seabra and they fell out so Renato Seabra killed him with a corkscrew.

Renato Seabra was said to be mentally ill and Carlos Castro was cremated and his ashes were spread on the streets of New York City.

Gonçalo and Flávio.

Michael Jackson

We’ve admired Michael Jackson since he was on Jacksons 5. He was a famous singer and dancer and, as we know, the moonwalk was invented by him.The message that he wanted to pass to the people was very strong and was about the poor people, about children, love and about the planet. Almost everybody has a wrong idea about Michael Jackson but, we believe that he didn’t do bad things, because the lyrics of the songs that he wrote demonstrate concern about the whole world.

                           Maria G. and Miguel

King of pop

Now, I’m going  to talk about one person, that everyone, in my opinion, could admire: it’s Michael Jackson. He has already died, but nowadays he is still the king of pop. He was the best dancer and singer in the world. And he still is. He died when he was 50, because people say his doctor killed him.  He was known for his songs, like “Beat it”, “Smooth Criminal”, and others, and for his best move, the “moonwalk”.

João Pedro

Someone who I admire

I really admire Adam Brody. He is an actor and he became famous in ”O.C.” (drama series). He’s a good actor and he’s very funny. Adam Brody loves his work and he is very dedicated to his job. He really likes what he does. He’s in his late thirties.

He is very witty because he has a good sense of humor, and that is one of the reasons why I admire him.

Maria Manuel

My Father

The person who I most admire is my father. He is the kind of person who never gives up his dreams. He’s very peaceful, flexible and witty. He makes me laugh all the time and he needs to make everyone happy to be happy. Now he is working in Africa and of course he’s away from his family, and he makes sacrifices for us. He was born there and he has a connection with Angolan people so when it’s possible he gives them everything that he can, like food, clothes and even jobs. He is an example for me and that’s why I’ve chosen him.

Marta Marques

A great actor

The person I admire is one of the most famous actors in the world. Can you guess who it is? It’s Johnny Depp. He played the famous character Jack Sparrow in Pirates of Caribbean. Since then he has became one of the most well-known and highly-paid actors in the world.

He is very funny and creative. Also, he’s good looking and he’s got lot of style and a sense of humor. Sometimes, he wears glasses and he’s got short brown hair and brown eyes.

Sofia and Nuno

We wish

We wish everyone could be candies, so the world would be a sweeter place. Our minds full of sugar, and our lips would say friendly, cute things. So that, no one would be bad or cruel.

We wish peace could exist, so people would be happier and kind as well as there wouldn’t be wars.  

We wish we could be faires so we could put a little of love in all the women and men so everyone would in love.

Maria & Joana (FCE 1)

We wish…

We wish to have good marks for Christmas… just kidding we really want to be very rich and to be what we want in the future, so we won´t have to do a boring job, later Bill Gates will give us a billion dollars so we win more one billion dollars for him( and two billion for us) and we´ll give one million to charity, because we are good boys…

Hugo & Afonso (FCE 1)

We wish

We wish we could have a lot of money, so we could help the children that are sick.

A lot of famous people all over the world help people in need and children because they’re millionaires and well-known, so they have the duty  to use that in their favor by helping everyone who needs, giving them a home, comfort, love, a family, financial support when they don’t have enough money to stay health and education.

Joana & Maria (FCE 1)