If I could…

The ChildFund Alliance asked children around the world the questions below. We’d like to find out your answers.

  1. If you were the president/prime minister of your country, what is the one thing you would do to improve the lives of the children in your community?
  2. If you could grow up to be anything you wanted, what would you be?
  3. If you could spend a day doing anything you wanted, what would you do?
Once you’ve answered the questions, read this news report on the findings of this survey and compare your answers to what other children around the world had to say.

9 pensamentos em “If I could…

  1. 1- I would offer more money to the technology research to improve our life.
    2- I would be a plastic surgeon, because i want to help deformed people, and people who had terrible accidents to have a normal and happy life!
    3- I would start a travel around the all world, because i want to know other cultures and religions around the world, and i also want to see the incredible monuments and temples that our ancients left to us!

  2. 1 – I’ll make the classes more interesting
    2 – I would be a scientist to create a cure for cancer
    3 – I’ll play football

  3. 1- I would improve the Educational System, because it’s very boring!
    2- I want to be an artist because i love drawing and painting.
    3- I would discover the under water world because it’s fascinating and scary.

  4. 1- I will make the schools new and more modern.
    2- I will be a professional NBA player.
    3- I will play online computer games with my friends every day.

  5. 1. If we were the president, we question the community about children’s problems (with health, food, housing, hygiene, …) and depending on results we improve the good decisions.

    2. I would be doctor. (Ines)
    I would be personal trainer. (Margarida)

    3. We would do volunteering at association for children with cancer.

  6. 1. If we were a president or a prime minister, we’d like to improve the education, the culture and help the poor children. We’ll give more holidays for everyone.
    2. When we grow up we want to be a doctor to help the people and discover the cure for diseases.
    3. We’d like to travel around the world and meet other people and different cultures.

  7. 1- If I was the present of my community, I’d be more alert, to help the people who need (poor people), that can’t take care of their children. I’d build more orphanages.
    2- Sofia would be a journalist and Carlos would be an economist.
    3-I’d do volunteering.

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  9. Wow! I am so impressed with all of your answers to these questions! I think Portugal will be in safe hands when you are older and taking care of the country!

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